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AN/16I Line Input Module (for A-16II Personal Mixer)


Taking control of your monitors is not necessarily an easy task. It is however somewhat easier with personal monitor mixers. Every personal monitor system starts with the inputs. The AN-16/i is the starting point for your Aviom monitor system or digital snake system. It's not a solution in itself. It's the start of a solution. ____________________________________________________________ The AN-16/i provides 16 balanced line-level inputs to a Pro16® system - Sixteen balanced audio inputs (1/4-in TRS connectors) - Sixteen balanced Thru connectors (TRS) - A-Net Out and A-Net Expansion network connections (RJ45) - Stereo Link switches for each channel pair - Four-position gain switches (+22, +4, 0, -10dB) - Signal present and clip LEDs per channel