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Plus™ Colour Changer / Scroller


A great inexpensive solution for getting a wide range of colours from our light fixtures. Good for theatres, schools and some churches. There is some fan noise and scroller noise which makes this type of unit inappropriate for some applications however bang for your buck it's hard to beat. __________________________________________________________ The Plus colour changer combines the proven performance and reliability of the Original Chroma-Q with new advanced features, providing even greater usability and flexibility at the same low price. Features include increased frame capacity (20 up to colours), variable fan and scroll speed via DMX, gel saver mode, digital LED display, power assist scroll loading and separately available universal mounting plate. * For fixtures rated up to 1200W and 175mm / 6.8" lens diameter. * Mounting plates available for variety of fixture sizes. * 2 - 20 frames. * Full LED display control and operation status indicators. * Gel saver mode. * 4 mode variable fan speed. * 2 mode variable scrolling speed. * Digital circuitry control of fan and scroll speed, gel saver mode and reset. * Power assist colour scroll loading. * Easily accessible working components.